Slingshot Overview

Snowflake is an advanced cloud-base data platform that elevates the way you handle compute and storage, providing flexibility to adjust warehouse schedules, along with analytics tools (e.g. Insights Dashboards). With its powerful query engine and user-friendly interface, Snowflake allows you to load, manage, and share data.

Enhancing Snowflake’s data administration capabilities, Slingshot elevates the ease of managing Snowflake objects, like warehouses and databases, while empowering you with tools to uncover and optimize costs associated with a SaaS (Software as a Service) data platform.1 Slingshot is a governance tool that provides a better, well managed center of excellence.

Slingshot is currently available to Snowflake customers leveraging AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It empowers organizations with 3 essential functions:

  • Streamline Snowflake cost allocation: Align Snowflake costs with your organizational structure, gaining valuable insights into how different lines of business utilize credits.

  • Simplify and standardize warehouse provisioning: Optimize your warehouse schedule and size to minimize costs while enjoying a simplified and standardized process for warehouse provisioning.

  • Gain visibility into credit usage: Slingshot allows you to monitor how and where Snowflake credits are utilized, giving you the knowledge needed to identify areas for cost reduction and resource optimization.

Slingshot is your companion for making informed decisions, driving efficiencies, and maximizing the value from your data operations.


  1. Capital One’s internal use of functionality resulted in 27% savings over projected costs from June 2018 to June 2019. These figures may not be indicative of future results for your business. ↩︎