Assign Snowflake Objects

Assign Snowflake Objects

Slingshot Role: Tenant Admin

In order for Snowflake objects to be available in Slingshot they must be assigned to a business organization (orgs) and business unit. These object assignments impact the various dashboards

Business OrgParent, Level 1Accounting
Business UnitChild, Level 2Accounts Payable

The information you provided about your company’s organizational structure determines the business orgs and units you’ll be able to select from. Let’s take a look at how to assign these in Slingshot. You’ll need to be a Tenant Admin to complete this task.

  1. Select Configuration from the top navigation bar.

  2. Click the Assign Snowflake Objects card from the row of cards on the Configuration page.

  3. Check the box next to the object you’d like to assign a business org or unit, then click the Assign button.

  4. On the Assign Snowflake Objects page, select a Business Organization or Business Unit from the respective drop-down menus.

  5. Once you’ve made your selection, press Assign.

  6. Review and confirm your selection by clicking the Confirm Assignment button or Go back to change your selection.

  7. Success. Assignment is in orbit!

  8. Go to the Homepage or Go to Assign Page to assign more objects.

Migrating objects could take a few hours. You’ll receive a notification once it’s ready, and you’ll find the objects in My Warehouses.

No longer want to manage objects in Slingshot? No problem. Submit a Drop request at any time.