Slingshot dashboards provide transparency around Snowflake usage statistics, performance metrics. Updates for each visual happen every 24 hours; while contract data varies depending on the length of your current Snowflake contract.

  • Dashboards homepage: Explore featured insights from individual dashboards. With a single click, view a dashboard and its insights around data trends with your data.
    • Contract Analysis: Review an overview of your current Snowflake contract that breaks down what you’ve spent thus far during the contract period and whether you are trending to spend too much or too little of the credits allocated to your contract.

    • Cost Analysis: Analyze cost visuals for both high level and granular views of Snowflake spend by warehouses, databases, serverless, and total cost.

    • Slingshot Tags: Provides visuals for your custom tag groups and tag values so you can further slice and dice your cost information beyond a single line of business.

    • Usage Analysis: See all the details of what you have and what you use in your Snowflake environment broken into visuals by users, accounts, warehouses, and storage.

    • Warehouse Performance: Analyze the performance and efficiency of a Snowflake warehouse over time. This dashboard allows you to explore trends in performance to potentially make warehouse configuration changes that increase performance or save on costs.

To access Dashboards:

  1. Select Dashboards from the left navigation menu.
  2. Review the highlights on the homepage.
  3. Click View Dashboard for a closer look at particular insights.

You’ll also notice that each Dashboard visual has tabs (except Warehouse Performance). Simply, press the tab to toggle the displayed information.

The featured insights include:

Contract AnalysisAverage daily spend in contract period
Contract spent
Cost AnalysisBiggest cost movers
Costliest user last week
Slingshot TagsClostliest value
Total objects by tag group
Usage AnalysisActive users last week
Queries last week
Warehouse PerformanceData spillage