Contract Analysis Dashboard

Contract Analysis Dashboard

The Contract analysis dashboard provides a summary of your existing Snowflake contract with a detailed breakdown of your current spend and whether you’re using too many or too few credits allocated to the contract.

To access the dashboard,

  1. Expand the Dashboards menu.

  2. Select Contract Analysis.

Analyze your contract using these 8 visuals:

  1. Contract Credits Forecast: The projected calendar date for credit consumption for the current Snowflake contract

  2. Used vs Purchased Credits: The current total number of credits used compared to the remaining credits

  3. Contract Start Date: The start date of your Snowflake Contract

  4. Average Daily Usage Cost: The average daily cost accumulated by your Tenant from the start of the contract until the current date

  5. Contract End Date: The anticipated end date of the contract

  6. Projected Contract Credit Usage: The projected percentage contract credits that Slingshot expects to utilize by the end of the contract period

  7. Target Daily Usage Cost: The daily cost you’ll need to consume from today until the end of the contact period in order to consume all credits within the specified time period

  8. Cumulative Usage Costs for Contract Period: Based on the current contract aggregated costs from the start of the contract period until its end with the purchased credits limit

View/export data for deeper analysis.

View or export summary data

Sometimes, you’d like to see a summary or need to download the insights information.

  1. Hover over a visual, 3 dots appear.

  2. Click the dots to see the options.

  3. Select View summary data to review the summary on the page.

  4. Or select Export to CSV to generate a file with the insights.