Slingshot Tags Dashboard

Slingshot Tags Dashboard

Tags give you the freedom to slice your costs up any way you’d like by creating custom cost categories by project, team, workload type, cost centers, etc. Tenant admins set up the tags, while Warehouse owners assign them to warehouses.

Learn more about creating and assigning tags.

To access the dashboard,

  1. Expand the Dashboards menu.
  2. Select Slingshot Tags.
  3. Choose a tag(s) from the Select tag(s) drop-down list.
  4. Enter a date range by entering the dates or set the range by selecting the calendar icon.

Moving to another dashboard or page clears your tag filters.

Filter data for deeper analysis.

Add Filters

Want even more granular visual insights? Add filters. For Slingshot tags filters include:

  • Region: Available cloud regions,
  • Account name: Snowflake account name(s)
  • Warehouse name: Individual warehouse data, and
  • Business orgs: Data for warehouses associated with a business org in Slingshot.

To add filters,

  1. Select Add Filter to open the Filter flyout.
  2. Expand the menu for the filter you’d like to apply.
  3. Make your selections.
  4. Review your Slingshot tag insights.