Usage Analysis Dashboard

Usage Analysis Dashboard

Get an overview of active users, warehouses, and queries to optimize your business performance. Visuals include a Summary, Users, Accounts, Warehouse, and Storage.

To access usage data:

  1. From the left navigation menu, go to Dashboards, then Usage analysis.
  2. Select a tab (Users, Accounts, Warehouses, or Storage) to view additional analytics.

Filter or export/view data for deeper analysis.

The Summary tab displays user, account, warehouse, and storage specific details for your Slingshot tenant.

  1. Active users: the total number of users who executed at least one query
  2. Queries run: displays the current number of queries run in Snowflake
  3. Total accounts: the total number of accounts in your tenant
  4. Total warehouses: how many warehouses your organization has
  5. Total databases: the current number of databases being queried

The Users tab shows user activity for your tenant.

  1. Active users: the total number of users who executed at least one query during a specified period of time

  2. Active users by Day, Week, or Month: get a tally of users for each day, week, or month

    • Select Day, Week, or Month from the pick list.
  3. User listing: a list of users and warehouses, the number of queries they ran, and the associated cost of those queries

    • Toggle show/hide buttons to expand or collapse individual Usernames.

The Accounts tab displays Snowflake account metrics.

  1. Total accounts: the current number of accounts in Snowflake
  2. Account listing: usage data for each Snowflake account, their regions, warehouse count, database count, and schema count

The Warehouses tab shows warehouse usage details.

  1. Queries run: a current tallie of queries run
  2. Warehouses: the total number of warehouses
  3. Warehouse listing: warehouse details for each warehouse, their Snowflake account, region, business organization, creation date, number of queries run, bytes scanned, uptime, and cost
    • Toggle show/hide buttons to expand or collapse info in each row.

The Storage tab gives you database and schema info.

  1. Databases: the total number of databases in your tenant
  2. Schemas: the current tally of schemas
  3. Database listing: database details for each database, their Snowflake account, region, creation date, current bytes, and cost

Adding Filters

Want even more granular visual insights? Add filters. For Slingshot tags filters include:

  • Region: Available cloud regions,
  • Account name: Snowflake account name(s)
  • Warehouse name: Individual warehouse data, and
  • Business orgs: Data for warehouses associated with a business org in Slingshot.

To add filters:

  1. Select Add Filter to open the Filter flyout.
  2. Expand the menu for the filter you’d like to apply.
  3. Make your selections.
  4. Review your usage insights.

Viewing or downloading summary data

Sometimes, you’d like to see a summary or need to download the insights information.

  1. Hover over a visual, 3 dots appear.
  2. Click the dots to see the options.
  3. Select View summary data to review the summary on the page.
  4. Or select Export to CSV to generate a file with the insights.