Warehouse Performance Dashboard

Warehouse Performance Dashboard

Gain insights into the performance and efficiency of a Snowflake warehouse over time with the Warehouse performance dashboard. Explore performance trends and identify opportunities to optimize warehouse configurations, enhancing performance and cost-effectiveness.

Warehouse performance dashboard shows:

  1. Query Size Classification: the total number of queries categorized by their respective run times
    • Small: Less than 1 minute
    • Medium: Less than 5 minutes
    • Large: More than 5 minutes
  2. Data Spillage: the average amount of data spelled to disk per hour, per day of the week during query execution
  3. Query Load: the average query load per hour, per day of the week
  4. Queued Queries: the average number of queries queued for each hour, each day of the week
  5. Idleness: shows a trend of warehouse inactivity and suspension events over time (This visualization leverages data based on the auto-suspend settings of your warehouse.)

Export/view summary data for deeper analysis.

To access these insights,

  1. From the left navigation, go to Dashboards, then to Warehouse performance.
  2. Select a warehouse from the list.
  3. Enter or select a date range from the calendar.
  4. Review your warehouse performance metrics.

View or export summary data

Sometimes, you’d like to see a summary or need to download the insights information.

  1. Hover over a visual, 3 dots appear.
  2. Click the dots to see the options.
  3. Select View summary data to review the summary on the page.
  4. Or select Export to CSV to generate a file with the insights.