November 2, 2022 (version

Here’s what’s new with this release. We’re happy to tell you about these Slingshot happenings.


  • Filtering by Date - Slingshot now allows you to filter by a full date range instead of a single date in a range on the Cost Insights Dashboards visuals for Costliest Users and Costliest Queries.


Sept 21, 2022 (version

Here’s what’s new with the September release. We’re delighted to shine a spotlight on these updates.


  • Improved Snowflake Connectivity - We’ve made some improvements to the Snowflake account setup scripts to ensure up-to-date connectivity with Snowflake. Your Customer Success Manager notifies you if there is a version discrepancy.


Aug 31, 2022 (version

Here’s what’s new with this release. We’re excited to share this update.


  • Unmanaged Warehouses - Warehouses created in Snowflake with a zero or null auto-suspend time typically generate high compute costs. To help you better manage these potential cost spikes, Slingshot now displays them on the Assign Snowflake Objects page.
Aug 24, 2022 (version

Here’s what’s new with this release. We’re excited to alert you about this new update.

New Feature

  • Export Cost Insights - Share Cost Insights or cost savings quickly and easily with the new export feature. Download Cost Insights as a PDF or print them for further analysis.


  • Warehouse Template - Naming warehouses can be an arduous task. We’ve made the warehouse name prefix optional to give you more flexibility when naming your warehouses.
Aug 3, 2022 (version 0.4.2)

Here’s what’s new with the August 2022 release. We’re excited to alert you about this new update.

New Features & Updates

  • Cost Alerts - What if Slingshot could alert you to cost spikes, credit consumption on your contract, or detect anomalies? Now, Slingshot is your proactive investigative partner. It continuously monitors your Snowflake environment and notifies you with Cost Alerts. This allows you to investigate and proactively manage your Snowflake spend and cost associated with your lines of business.


July 14, 2022 (version 0.4.1)

Here’s what’s new for July 2022. We’re excited to spotlight these updates.


  • Warehouse Usage Permissions - Manage warehouse usage permissions from Slingshot. Adding or removing multiple roles assigned to a warehouse, no problem. The multi-select feature allows you the flexibility to grant or revoke one or more roles in a few clicks. Easily view permission statuses right from the Manage Permissions tab. Previously, Slingshot supported assigning Snowflake roles by typing the name of an existing role from the Manage Permissions tab. We've updated this experience to allow selection of Snowflake roles from a drop-down list. Need to revoke permissions? Select one or more roles with the enhanced multi-select feature, and you’re done. Now, you can fully manage warehouse usage permissions directly from Slingshot!

  • Warehouse Request Tooltips - Ease of use is always top of mind. With that we’ve added a few tooltips for navigating Warehouse Requests.


June 9, 2022 (version 0.3)

Here’s what’s new with the June 2022 release. We’re pleased to shine a spotlight on these updates.

New Features

  • Multi-Cloud/Multi-Region - Slingshot now supports all North American regions for multiple cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform). Previously, Slingshot only supported a single region from either AWS East 1/West 2 or Azure East US 2. Guess what, there’s more! Not only are multiple cloud providers and regions supported, you can onboard more than one region or cloud providers. Connect all your Snowflake accounts in one place from Account Management within Slingshot.

  • Tenant Admins - More roles. More power. Tenant Admins (TAs) don’t have to be just TAs anymore. They can be assigned Warehouse Owner, Org Admin, Approver, all of these, or a combination of these roles.

  • Cost Insights - Introducing four new widgets for greater visibility. See Enterprise Costs, Organization Costs, and Warehouse Costs broken down by month, week, or day right from the Cost Insights Dashboard. The fourth new widget is Costly User, which highlights the top users by costs incurred when running queries on warehouses. Want even more granular detail? Check out the next update.

  • Filtering Cost Insights - Did you want to multi-select options to personalize your Cost Insights Dashboard? Well, now you can simply by selecting the desired options within each filter category. Slingshot also added an additional filter option: Warehouse Name. See each of the applied filter selections right there on the Cost Insights Dashboard.


  • Email Deep Links - View insights or take action faster from emails with Slingshot’s upgraded buttons. Now, instead of being taken to the home page, the buttons land you right where you need to be.


April 18, 2022 (version 0.2)

Slingshot is excited to announce expanded warehouse management capabilities and role management updates.


Warehouse Management

  • Unmanaged Warehouse Assignment - Slingshot now discovers non-Slingshot provisioned warehouses daily in your onboarded Snowflake accounts. Tenant Admins view and assign them to business organizations/units in Configuration.

  • Warehouse Management Request - Warehouse Owners, want to bring unmanaged warehouses into Slingshot’s management? With Slingshot, simply submit requests using seamlessly integrated approval workflows you’re already familiar with for other warehouse requests.

Role Management

  • Warehouse Owner is now the only role that submits warehouse requests (provisioning, management, modification and drop) for the assigned business organization/unit(s).

  • Org Admin can now view warehouse requests for the assigned business organization/unit(s).


February 23, 2022 (version 0.1)

Slingshot is excited to announce a platform improvement and expanded warehouse management capabilities.


  • AWS Cloud Region - Now, we support customers in either of the following regions:

    • AWS US East 1 (N. Virginia)

    • AWS US West 2 (Oregon)

  • Warehouse Management

    • Warehouse Modification Request - A request for modifying parameters of a warehouse, including schedules of warehouse size, cluster and auto-suspend duration, seamlessly integrated into the approval workflows used for warehouse provisioning.

    • Warehouse Drop Request - A request for dropping a warehouse, seamlessly integrated into the approval workflows used for warehouse provisioning.

For more information, see Warehouse Requests.